G		Em	G			Em
My fingers are purple, I don't know what to think
it looks pretty cool but it kinda stings
A friend of mine, needed a song today
So I keep on playing right through the pain
All he wanted was a serenade

C			G
His name is sasquatch, and he's 8 feet tall
a nice guy but he can't talk to the ladies at all
he's a softie at heart he's just misunderstood
he'd play the ukulele if only he could
so he asked me politely, if I would

I'm a pretty good friend, so I agreed
and he sat me right down and said to me
shes a body builder, and her name is Pam
she's 6 foot 5 and almost strong as I am
She stole my heart, I want to be her man

So we set out that night, to her humble abode
I got my ukulele and he's got a rose
I start to pluck the strings, got my uke in my hands
I look up in the window, and there is Pam
But I squint my eyes and see that its a man

Needless to say, I was a bit surprised
I looked at Sasquatch saw the twinkle in his eye
I said Hey buddy, I hate to ruin your date
I think Pam is a man, you made a big mistake 
But he turned to me and said, thats ok

Well what do you know, big foot is gay
I guess you learn something new every day